Moving Tips: How To Move Sports Balls and Toy Balls

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How to move sports balls and toy balls since they can be tricky? While you’ve probably already thought of the basics, like cardboard boxes, tape and labels, some things always. For example, if you’ve acquired a lot of bouncy, rolly items, those might be a bit of a question mark on top of your head (an imaginary one, of course). Especially if you’re not a sports coach or athlete yourself, you may not be aware of the methods available for transporting these items (and you probably won’t want to be buying new basketballs, soccer balls or bouncy balls all over again!).

Here are ideas on moving sports balls and toy balls–and storing them:

Moving Sports Balls: Deflating and Storage

Deflating sports balls can be a good solution. This method is not just for saving space, but also to prevent the ball from rolling around all over the place during the move (if it goes into a vehicle without being packed, that is). And, if you are bringing your ball on a plane, this article says that not deflating it can destroy it. So definitely look into deflation for that scenario!

This article explains how to deflate a larger style of sports ball. You will need a special needle to do this. Though, there are likely plenty of internet hacks to explain how to deflate a ball without that special needle.

For tennis balls, golf balls, ping pong balls and the like, you’ll need to look for other solutions.

Use a mesh bag to move sports balls to your new home

There are mesh nets with ties on them specifically made for carrying sports balls. Amazing, we know. They can be called mesh ball carriers (in case you want another google term to find them online). They can be small or big. Sometimes they can be square and zippered too!

Here are some resources to check out, if you’re interested in buying them: (this resource also shows single-ball bags, which can be handy for carrying soccer balls and basketballs to the park in the future)

Bowling balls can go in bowling bags. But if you’re a bowler or own a bowling ball, you probably already knew that.

Use a ball locker on wheels to move and store sports balls

If you have a lot of balls, such as for a sports gym or a team, you might also want to invest in a ball locker or cart. These are closable, box-like structures usually made of metal bars. For moving day (and for future recreational transport), you’ll want one with wheels. Sometimes, they can be made of nylon, like this one, meant for volleyballs.

Below is a link to a search for ball lockers on Amazon, to give you an idea of the models available:

Build a ball corral to move balls, or create easy-access ball storage

To keep bigger balls collected into one place, but still easy to access without having to reach down into a box, you can make a ball corral. You may have seen these as toy holders too. They use flexible bungee cords as ‘bars.’ But since the bungee cords can stretch, you can easily grab a ball out and stuff it in.

Here are plenty of examples of ball corrals on Pinterest (mostly they are attached to walls):[]=ball%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=corral%7Ctyped

Now, if you build one of these on wheels, or even just as a detached box structure, it could work similarly to the ball lockers noted above. The only downside here is that if the bungee cords aren’t stiff enough, the balls may still fall out of their place when moving. We’ll leave this one up to your judgement!

Use a laundry basket to store balls

As this blogger notes, you can use a cheap, tall and upright laundry basket for holding all those toy balls in your home. When you move, however, you’ll need to find a way to prevent the balls from falling out if the laundry basket were to tip over.

Use good ol’ garbage bags and boxes when moving sports balls

Of course we could have thought of this earlier: just use a large garbage bag or box to move your collection of sports balls. Of course, in this scenario, you wouldn’t want to put too much weight on the garbage bag, in case it rips, and your balls go a rollin’.

If you only have one or two balls, they could probably also fit easily into a box where you are packing other lighter, sports-like equipment.

And let’s not forget pillowcases, gym bags, reusable grocery bags or anything that can reasonably contain the amount of balls you have.

This solution would also work for smaller balls, like the tennis balls, baseballs or even hockey pucks. Though, for tennis balls, you may want to also consider a specialized holder like this one, which helps tennis balls last longer. Or, you might want to use a tennis ball dryer, like this one.

Use ball racks to organize at home

When you settle into your new home after moving, it may be time to think about ball storage. There are ball wall hangers and racks for this purpose, if the DIY ball corral above wouldn’t suit your fancy. Or if a ball locker sounds like too big of an investment.

This article gives some tips on how to organize your balls.

Worried about moving autographed balls with value?

If you’ve come to this page wondering about how to move sports balls that are on display in your home (and perhaps have some value due to being autographed), then you’ll want to check out this article. A blogger there explains how to keep your display-and-trade-only sports equipment in-tact and free from damage during a move. Mesh bags will not work here, and you’ll need to be much more careful.

We also recommend letting your movers know about these special collectibles. They may require careful handling. Or, you may want them covered by insurance, which should be established in advance of your move.

See related: Protecting valuable collection when moving in Vancouver

To conclude: balls be not a worry when moving!

Moving sports balls and toy balls can be your chance to get organized, and invest in a long-term solution for your home ball storage. Unlike other moving tools, these are items you can probably make use of even when you’re not moving to a new home. And, by getting them now, you can make your move easier too. But if not, it’s ok! Your home supplies like plastic bags, boxes or even pillow cases might work for you! Then you can dump and play once you get to your new home! But be sure to do so after you’re settled in, in case anyone trips while moving furniture around!

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