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Moving a Home Office

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Moving houses with a home office in Vancouver

In most cases, your home-based office is being relocated because you are also moving homes. If the home office office mover is organized and planned properly, there will be minimal disruptions to your work after the move has completed. In this article, we hope to provide some tips on home-office moving to help eliminate the stress it can bring.

Is moving a home-based Vancouver office the same as any move into a new house?

The answer to this question is, not exactly. You’re not just moving furniture here, so there are extra steps and things to consider.

Firstly, all your client information is confidential and must stay confidential. There may be home addresses, contact information, and even credit card numbers in your hard-copy files. Properly locking up these files is important, especially if they are kept in paper format. Many file folder cabinets come with locks, which may be a wise investment, as opposed to using bins or cardboard boxes.

Secondly, depending on what your business is, some documents may be irreplaceable. You may be able to get away with backing up the documents electronically or by keeping additional copies off-site in storage. However, with some institutions you deal with in business, only originals are deemed legitimate. In that case, it is extremely important these documents do not get misplaced. It would be wise to look into insurance if travelling long distance, or have them professionally shipped.

Finally, you must take into account that you will most likely be working up until the day before your move. You may be able to hold off using that bottle of olive oil for a few days so you can pack it away, but you may not be able to pack away an active file, let alone your computer equipment or desk, while maintaining regular office hours. This means you must be strategic with your packing and planning.

Goal-orientating your home-based Vancouver office move

Just like in any working office world, things usually get done when you’ve got checklists and deadlines.

You should treat your home-office move like your work. Schedule an hour or two in your working day for packing. This relocation is part of work, after all. Give yourself a deadline of when specific things should be taken care of. Make goals of what you’ll get done each day, no matter what.

Packing up your home-based Vancouver office

Aside from furniture and computer equipment, documents and books are a large part of most home offices. Label and organize them neatly either alphabetically or chronologically. The more organized you are, the less panicked you will be if a client is on the phone line waiting for you to pull up a document in your new location. A wise approach is to begin packing all your archives first. Pack up any old documents you rarely refer to. If there is special equipment you do not use every day or every week, pack those up first as well.

There are small knick-knacks in the office that may end up being together in one box. Office supplies, display samples, and other small things should be categorized, and labeled. If you have no choice but to pack them together, take a picture of what is in each box before sealing it. If in case you need access to something quickly, you will be able to find it without having to open each box individually.

Communicate to your customers that you are moving your home-office

Remember to let your customers know of your move, even if you don’t think your operating hours will be affected. Let them know you are in the middle of a move and when moving day will be. Most people know the stresses involved in moving and will be accommodating.

Vancouver’s professional movers

Because it is important that nothing gets damaged, disorganized, nor lost in the moving process, it is advised that you hire professional movers. If you are unfamiliar with how to disassemble furniture, don’t waste your time and energy risking damage to yourself or to the furniture. Let the professionals do it. Our office moving pros are able to disassemble and protect your office furniture every step of the way.

Get started today and contact us at 604-922-2212 or online today.

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