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Vancouver Movers Guide

Protecting Valuable Collections when Moving

Taking care of a valuable collection when moving There are already plenty of things to account for in a move, so it’s important to ensure ...
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3 ideas for repurposing used pallets after moving

Repurposing pallets after you move From thrift stores to reclaimed furniture– reusing and revamping has definitely become a hot trend as of late. Wood pallets are ...
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How to move fine art safely

No crying over spilled paint: How to move fine art safely to your new home Do you collect fine art? Is your residence adorned with ...
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Are solar panels a good idea in Vancouver?

Installing solar panels before moving in? You might have curiously driven by a house with solar panels, or perhaps you’ve heard murmurs of them being a safe ...
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How to fix damaged items after moving

Be creative and smart You wrapped everything twice, packed it nice and snug, but, there’s still a chance you’ll uncover some degree of damage to ...
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Moving Music Studio Equipment, Relocating Instruments Safely

Safely move instruments, music equipment, and studio gear Whether you are part of a professional music studio in Metro Vancouver, or have constructed an at-home ...
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Setting up a bar in your house

Installing a house bar, after you’ve moved into a new house Once you’ve moved into your new home, it’s natural to want to have friends over for ...
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Dealing with Rats & Mice in Winter

Dealing with rats and mice after moving into your house in the winter Winter is just around the corner, and the colder temperatures may force ...
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BC Tenancy Tips: Before a tenant moves in

B.C. Tenancy tips for before a tenant moves in — damage and pet deposits It’s very common for people to rent out their Vancouver homes to ...
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Moving a Rec Room

Optimizing recreation room moving A dream that many people might have once they move into their new Vancouver homes is to create the perfect recreation ...
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