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Vancouver Movers Guide

How to help a hoarder move

Helping a Hoarder Pack & Move There’s been a lot of attention given to hoarding, especially now that there have been some primetime shows featuring this ...
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Moving Hacks: Lifehacks that Make Moving Easier

Make life easier — learn some moving hacks Have you seen the term “lifehacks” on the Internet lately? The concept is quite ingenious — it’s ...
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How to Legalize Suites Before Tenants Move In

Our how to guide on legalizing your Vancouver basement suite before tenants move in Moving into a house in Vancouver is often not a cheap ...
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Auctioning Furniture When Moving

Get great deals — auction tips for a move Whenever we move, it’s inevitable for us to need more stuff to furnish our new home. ...
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How to move an aquarium

How to move an aquarium to a new home Pets often become like family, so whenever we need to move somewhere new, it’s only natural that ...
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How to fix roof leaks

How to fix roof leaks or prevent them Maybe you’ve moved into a Metro Vancouver house and discovered that there’s a leak. Or maybe you’re ...
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Metro Vancouver Landfill & Large Trash Options

Options for taking large trash items to a landfill before moving in Metro Vancouver So let’s say you’re about to move within Metro Vancouver and ...
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Marble vs Granite Countertops

Choosing the right building materials: marble vs granite countertops When looking to move into a new home, it’s best to decide what building materials you want ...
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4 Concerns with Moving into a Vancouver Laneway Home

Reasons why you should not move into a laneway house. In our previous article, we covered some major advantages of moving into a laneway house. ...
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Moving to Metro Vancouver: 5 great reasons to move to a suburb in the Metro Vancouver area

Moving to Metro Vancouver The city of Vancouver is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a very desirable ...
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