Moving large appliances: How to move a Fridge

how to move a fridge

Amidst the many large and bulky things you have to move, it’s important you give your refrigerator the proper treatment it needs. This includes preparing it properly (before it moves an inch), transferring it smoothly, and setting it up perfectly in your new home. We’ve compiled some easy steps to follow– so your fridge can welcome that first grocery haul at the new place!

5 steps for moving a fridge:

1. Empty and clean:

Make sure everything is removed and nothing is left behind before you even think about unplugging your appliance. Open every drawer, check it twice (don’t forget the freezer), and use it as an opportunity to throw out any spoiled or excess food you don’t need to take with you. If you’ve got a really dirty fridge, wipe down the entire unit thoroughly before you unplug it. This is so that food won’t have a chance to spoil before you get around to cleaning it. If you’ve removed shelving for cleaning (which is a good idea) make sure you keep them out of the fridge, along with any other moving parts, and pack them separately.

2. Unplug and defrost

Defrosting a freezer can take upwards of 8 hours, so make sure you’re not leaving your refrigerator prep until the last minute. Unplug your unit and leave the door ajar. You might need to hang a towel over the door to keep it open. Keeping the door open is imperative to preserve the freshness of your refrigerator– don’t forget this point! Since condensation might have appeared during the cool-down, give it a final wipe and dry before closing it up to move.

3. Close and seal

You’ll need to find something other than tape to ensure your fridge doors stay close, because tape might damage its finish. Pick up a few bungee cords or use a rope to securely tie around the appliance. If your fridge has multiple doors, ensure you connect them with an additional rope or tie. You’re ready for lift off!

4. Slide and Load

Besides padding any walls that might need extra protection from your fridge’s wideness, make sure you have a sturdy moving dolly on hand. A dolly is imperative for easily moving a fridge. This is because your fridge should ideally be staying upright to avoid having oil seep into the cooling lines.

Once you’re in position, tilt the fridge only slightly, and slide the dolly underneath. Make sure your path is clear and have some friends on hand to help guide you. Move it slowly and in the direction opposite to the tilt of the dolly– this will provide maximum sturdiness.

Once wheeled into the moving truck, feel free to leave the dolly underneath if it can sit flat. Block the wheels and ensure nearby items aren’t going to be harshly bumping into it.

5. Set up in your new home

Retrace the previous step as you wheel it into your new home. Just to be safe, let it sit upright in its new position for at least 3 hours before plugging it in again. This will allow all its internal fluids to completely settle and prevent any damage. Once you plug it in, it might take a few hours for it to fully come to temperature again. Make sure you’ve got icy coolers on hand for your cold food so it doesn’t spoil!

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