How to Move a Washer and Dryer

how to move a washer and dryer

Moving a washer and dryer

So you have opted to move and store your washer and dryer as opposed to buying a pair for your new home; a bit of a hassle but may be more cost effective. For now, your washer and dryer are in the laundry room ready to be picked up by a couple of hulky movers and brought to your new place. But, are you sure your bulky, heavy, and probably expensive appliances are ready to be moved and stored?  Some planning ahead will make these difficult-to-move units easier to haul. There are also some tips you can follow to ensure your washer and dryer make it to your new home without damage. Also, make sure you store your washer and dryer properly if it will be sometime before they will be used again.

Before you move, clean and prep your washer and dryer

If you are planning to store your washer and dryer for a while make sure your appliances are clean prior to moving them. You can just run a rinse cycle to remove any detergent build up in the washer and make sure the lint area of the dryer is clean.

To prepare your washer, it is a good idea to drain it thoroughly. According to, you should turn on the warm water for about 30 seconds and drain the remaining water into a container. You can then turn off the water supply and unplug the water hoses and place them inside the washer.

Mayflower recommends leaving the washer door open for 24 hours. This will ensure the washer is thoroughly dry, thus preventing mould from building up. Disconnect the cord and either store it inside or secure it to the back of the unit with tape.

To prepare your electrical dryer, unplug it and store the cord inside the dryer or tape it to the back of the unit. If your dryer uses a gas connection, turn the gas off and store the hose inside the unit.

When moving your washer and dryer, protect and safely move them

Wrap blankets or thin foam mattresses around the appliances to ensure they won’t get scratched. You can probably find old thick blankets at a thrift store if you want your appliances to be kept wrapped while in storage.

Rent or buy an appliance dolly instead of using a regular dolly. With safety and comfort in mind, there are dollys made specially for different types of items. An appliance dolly is made to haul up to 700lbs and have tighter handles, provide a better leverage than regular dollies, and easily roll up and down stairs. Some also come with nylon straps to secure the appliance to the dolly. You can also use bungee cords or ropes for added security. The rental price difference between these different types of dollies is not much, so if you want the most secure way of moving your washer and dryer, go for an appliance dolly.  If you choose to buy an appliance dolly you could check out craigslist for an used one and sell it again once you are done with it.

Some moving companies recommend loading the washer and dryer last in the moving truck. Your washer and dryer are usually just waiting in the laundry room and it might be a good idea to have everything else cleared out of the way so there can be more room to move them around. Your washer and dryer will also be the first to be taken out and can be placed in the laundry room right away.

Prevent long term damage by storing your washer and dryer appropriately

It might be a good idea to store your washer and dryer in a climate-controlled environment if possible. If your appliances are stored in a humid surrounding, mould might build up inside and ruin the functionality of the unit. However, this is not a requirement. While in storage make sure the doors of your washer and dryer are kept slightly open to ensure there is some degree of airflow going into the unit.

Lastly, cover your washer and dryer with a blanket or cotton sheet if you are going to place items on top of the units while in storage. StoragePros recommend using a thin layer of plastic under the washer and dryer to improve circulation of air. Try not to use plastic materials to cover the appliances as they can block airflow and possibly cause humid air to settle in and contribute to mould and even rust inside the unit.

So there is more than just waiting for your appliances to be picked up! Follow these tips and your washer and dryer moving experience will be easier and faster.

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