Moving Checklist Items & Timeline To Make Your Move Easy

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Important Moving Checklist 

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  • Lock-in your Move Date ASAP.
  • Packing & Unpacking Services.
  • Container storage for storing items between move-out and move-in dates.

4 to 6 weeks out…

    • Arrange for utilities at your new home and set up cancellation of accounts at your current home for the day after moving day.
    • If moving cities: notify schools, physician(s), dentist,
    • Begin sorting your possessions. Determine items to be moved, sold at yard sale, and/or donated
    • Get enough cartons and packing materials. Remember Ferguson can supply everything you need.
    • Reserve an elevator in your building for moving day (if applicable).






2 to 3 weeks out…

  • Return all borrowed items (library, etc.) and check dry cleaners, storage, and repair shops for your items – if moving far enough away.
  • Consider and arrange a babysitter/ pet sitter for your moving day.
  • Arrange for house cleaning after you move out.

1 weeks out…

  • Back up your computer files before packing your system(s).
  • Clean out refrigerator; clean out and defrost freezer.
  • Arrange for street parking for the truck in front of your house (Move-out & Move-in locations).

Moving Day!

  • Walk movers through your home indicating special care items.
  • Do a final walk through to check all cupboards, behind doors, all storage areas and the garage.
  • Label the rooms in your new home so our movers can place boxes and furniture exactly where you want them.